Senior Manager, Branch Operations

Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago


POSITION TITLE:                 Senior Manager, Branch Operations
POSITION CLASS: B:           Managerial
DEPARTMENT:                     Mortgage Banking

REPORTS TO         General Manager, Mortgage Banking

SUPERVISES:         Assistant Manager, Arima Branch
                                Assistant Manager, Chaguanas Branch
                                Assistant Manager, San Fernando Branch
                                Senior Mortgage Officer, Tobago
                                Business Development Officer, Residential Origination (5)


The Senior Manager, Branch Operations will support the development and growth of the company's
products/services and ensure that all budgetary targets are consistently met. They will manage
daily Branch operations, including developing and implementing relevant policies and procedures as it
relates to branch operations, building relations with external agencies, and maintaining quality and efficiency.
Adapt and support the introduction of new distribution channels, customer service options, and
alternative service delivery channels to branch operations


Oversees the Branch Operations of the Mortgage Banking department to effectively drive the origination of the
Company’s residential mortgage product offerings

Supports the Company’s business development initiatives and the expansion of the Company’s business lines

Supports the development, review, and amendment of the Company’s policies and procedures

Prepares and submits reports as required to the General Manager, Mortgage Banking, and other stakeholders as

Reviews and approves work, conducts performance appraisals, and provides guidance and feedback in the execution
of day-to-day duties

Communicates and exchanges information with internal stakeholders

Establishes and maintains relationships with external

Assists the General Manager, Mortgage Banking, in the creation and implementation of a business development plan
to ensure that the Company always maintains its competitive edge

● The management of assigned staff
● Approval of mortgage loan applications
● The management of the HDC and THA mortgage portfolios
● The monitoring of mortgage loan progress

● The generation of new business opportunities
● The distribution of investment products through the Company’s Branch Network
● Goals and targets for staff within the Branch Operations setup
Status reports and reports on performance metrics
Identification of opportunities for increased operational effectiveness
Targets and budgets for the Company’s Branches
Strategies to assist in areas where targets are not being met
Strategies and tactics for achieving work objectives
Determination of staffing levels required Monthly
Marketing plans and materials for Residential Mortgage product offerings
Provides input to departmental targets and budgets
The identification of opportunities for alternative service delivery
The identification of markets for future product development or to improve sales of existing products through technology
Business development plan Annually
The communication and dissemination of relevant information about the company's ’products and services with internal stakeholders
Periodic/ad hoc management reports Ad hoc / As needed
New policies and procedures for the Mortgage Banking Department and training materials
Company representation at industry functions/events

First Degree in Management, Business Administration, Marketing or any related discipline
Post-graduate training in credit management/credit analysis techniques/marketing

A minimum of 5 years experience in business development within the financial industry with proven
experience in the lending function

Knowledge and Skills
Extensive / Expert knowledge of the sales process
Extensive / Expert Knowledge of mortgage business, products and the competitive framework of the Industry
● Substantial / In-depth knowledge of and the ability to keep abreast of all changes in laws/regulations,
practices, policies, and procedures associated with the mortgage lending function
● Substantial / In-depth awareness and understanding of all service offerings to promote referrals and
sale conversion in other business areas (e.g. Capital Markets, Commercial Mortgages)
● Applied / Working knowledge of alternative channel strategies and service delivery channels


We offer an attractive remuneration package which includes Group Pension, Group Health, and Group Life.

Prime location

Port of Spain